Top 10 Beauty Tips For Dry Skin

Beauty Tips For Dry Skin

If your skin is dry then you can face some difficulties. Dry skin looks old earlier. Now there is nothing to worry about and no need to get expensive treatments of the parlor. Now there is an easy way to protect your dry skin at home.

Remember Some Tips For Dry Skin:

1. Milk, Yogurt, and Cream:

  1. Freeze milk in an ice tray. Before going to sleep, you have to rub one cube of milk on your face for one week at every night and you will feel a glow and freshness.
  2. In three spoon yogurt add two spoon paste of papayas and then add some drops of honey then mix them properly and put on your face for one hour. Rub it on your face three times a week and skin will get smooth.
  3. Add a half spoon lemon and one spoon basin into three-spoon cream and rub that mixture at your face and neck and wash your mouth after half hour with cold water.

Remember this mask can use two times in a week.

2. Sugar Is The Exfoliator

For dry skin, sugar is the best exfoliator. Add one spoon honey and one spoon yogurt into three spoon sugar and then massage it slowly on your face and then wash it with cold water. this exfoliator will provide freshness and smoothness to your skin.

3. Egg Is The Best Mask

Dry skin needs more protein and only eggs can fulfill that need easily. Add One spoon pulp of lemon and one spoon pulp of rose into one egg and rub that mixture on your face for ten minutes at every morning and then you will find your skin healthy and smooth all day.

4. Water Is A Perfect Medicine

Maximum use of water can maintain your skin smooth. The people with dry skin have to use seasonal vegetables and fruits which contain more water.

5. Deep Moisturizer Is Compulsory

Mix two spoon olive oil into one spoon castor oil and then heat it lightly and rub that on your face. Now wash a piece of cloth in hot water and put that piece of cloth on your face to get the oil of your skin solute into the inner surface of your skin. That’s the method of deep moisturizing and can practice daily at night.

6. Banana Peel Is The Best Cream

By rubbing inner part of banana, peel at face can finish the dryness of skin and also wrinkles and freckles which can create by dryness.

7. Basin Is The Finest Face Wash

People with dry skin have to use basin over soap. Use of basin not only can clean your inner surface of the skin but it can also save the skin from dryness. If you rub a mixture of one spoon basin within a bit quantity of yogurt or lemon it can make dry skin smoother.

8. Oatmeal Massage For Smoothness

Add oatmeal into two spoon milk when it gets soft then make a paste and rub it on your face and neck properly and then wash it with cold water after twenty minutes.

9. Honey Is The Best Balm

Take beehive of honey and melt it in a double boiler and then add two spoon olive oil and two spoon honey and mix them properly. Put that mixture in a bottle and after that in a fridge. It can repair dry skin if skin crack in winters.

10. Oil Massage Is Compulsory

People with dry skin have to massage with the oil which contains vitamin E because that practice is best for these people. Break the capsule of vitamin E, use that oil on your face at night, and wash it with the mild face wash in the morning.


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