Top 10 Tips To Reduce Hair Fall And Increase Hair Growth

Top 10 tips to reduce hair fall and increase hair growth

Hair fall is becoming a serious problem. Everyone wants long thick hair especially young ones. There is a different kind of medicines and oils are available in markets but only a few of them are reliable, most of them give a bad result because of the excess of chemicals quantity in their products.

Shrinking of skull skin may cause a problem of hair fall so we are going to tell you some safety tips:

  1. If you want to protect you from hair fall or from dry scalp you must have to use a mustard oil before taking a bath or before sleeping
  2. Take two tablespoons of Fenugreek seeds and then soaked in water for the whole night, and at morning massage it on your head. Wash your head with the solutions of Soapnut (Reetha) and Acacia Concinna (Shikakai) after an hour.
  3. First wash your head with cold water and then Massage your head with your finger toes for ten to fifteen minutes because it’s the best treatment for baldness.
  4. Apply well-whipped egg on your hairs and scalp once in a week and after a few minutes wash it with a shampoo.
  5. Mix lemon in olive oil and apply that mixture on your head once in a week on dry hairs.
  6. Apply the mixture of coconut oil with henna oil in equal quantity on your dry hairs.
  7. Apply the mixture of henna with an egg and a few drops of lemon on your head and wash your head after an hour.
  8. In the case of dirty hairs you have to use a mixture of vinegar with oil or water, you must find your hairs neat and clean.
  9. Apply the mixture of Nigella seeds with water on your hairs if you want to prevent hair fall.
  10. Take care of your diet with these tips.

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