Tea Tree Oil Benefits For Hair

Tea Tree Oil Benefits For Hair
Source: http://www.organiclifestylemagazine.com/

Tea tree oil extracted from tea tree leaves. From ages, tea tree oil has been used as an antiseptic and anti- bacterial treatment to remove injury, wounds, rashes, infections but after 1920, it is also used for to improve hair and skin health.

Few Things About Tea Tree Oil:

  1. Mix tea tree oil with other oils like (olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil or with lavender oil) before use.
  2. Tea tree oil should used in small amounts.
  3. By applying tea tree oil, you can feel a bit irritation. People who have sensitive skin must have to approach doctor before using tea tree oil.
  4. Apart from tea tree oil, you can also use tea tree gel because it’s a natural gel used to bring shine and use for hair styling.

Tea Tree Oil Massage For Hair Growth

Hundred percent use of tea tree oil can make your hair healthy and helps to extend the duration of blood flow, which grows new hair.

Mix few drops of tea tree oil and coconut oil together and then massage your head slightly for ten minutes and then you have to wash your head with a tea tree shampoo after twenty minutes.

Use Tea Tree Oil Mask To Remove The Baldness

Tea tree oil is beneficial for all kind of skin diseases belongs to head skin. Tea tree oil has anti-fungus properties, which are beneficial to protect your skin tone from various infections, and it can help you to grow new hair. Many people can face baldness due to the volatility in hormones and mask, which is made up from tea tree oil, is beneficial for those people.

Add (two-tablespoon honey, one-tablespoon yogurt, half a cup pulp of avocado, two-spoon olive oil, and a few drops of tea tree oil) and mix. Apply that mask on your head, cover your head with any plastic bag for ten minutes, and then massage your hair because it will help to absorb that mask into the skin. Wash it after half an hour and you can apply this mask daily if you can.

Use Tea Tree Oil Nourishment Mask For Shiny Hairs

Apply tea tree nourishment mask because it can make your hair shiny and attractive.

Add (two-spoon olive oil, two-spoon milk, 2 spoon castor oil, 1 egg and ten drops of tea tree oil) and mix. Apply that mask on your head and cover your head with any plastic bag for two to three hours. Now use the hair dryer for five minutes and then wash it. You can use this mask twice in a week.

Use Tea Tree Oil For Hair Washing

Tea tree oil eliminates bacteria on the skin tone, which can open your skin pores and provide nourishment to your hairs. It can prevent you from hair fall and you can use it daily as a shampoo

Add five drops of tea tree oil into two-spoon shampoo and then apply it on your head and wash your head after ten minutes. It will increase your hair growth.

Tea Tree Oil Spray

Use a spray of tea tree oil at night because it can eliminate a dryness of your hairs.

Add (half cup of water, half cup of vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil) and mix and then pour that mixture into a spray bottle and then apply that spray on your hairs at night and wash your head in the morning.

Tea Tree Oil And Paper-Minute Massage To Relieve The Itch

Some people usually face a constant itching at their scalp and due to this reason; they may have face injuries on their scalp. Massage tea tree oil and paper mint are beneficial for those people.

Add (one spoon peppermint oil, one spoon tea tree oil, two-spoon olive oil and half a cup of hot water) and mix and apply this mixture after washing your head with a shampoo, massage your scalp with that mixture for ten minutes and then wash it with a warm water. After a few days complain of itchy skin, tone will go away.

Use Tea Tree Oil Shampoo To Get Rid Of Lice

According to experts, Tea Tree Oil is the most effective oil to eliminate head lice. It is used in many ways but if you can use it with a shampoo then it will also eliminate the eggs of lice.

Add (two-spoon baby shampoo, four-drop tea tree oil, four-drop lavender oil, four-drop olive oil), mix, apply that mixture on your head, and wear a shower cap. Massage your head with toes and wash your head with warm water after thirty minutes. Comb your hair and it will clean your head from lice.


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